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12:41am 22/03/2007
  I got a new job with tricities.com about six weeks ago. I'm covering this week's NASCAR races at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn. 

You should all go to our blog and see the week's happenings. We're all basically race newbies, and we have two people who are camping the entire weekend in an RV at one of the campsites. I'm not staying out there, but spending pretty much 12 hours per day out there. You guys should TOTALLY go to the site and comment on the blogs I write (Stefanie Sampson).

A) It will make me look good to my bosses to have followers!

B) It should be pretty cool and funny to see what it's like for four chicks to be camping like that all week and covering NASCAR (and by funny, I mean: Read the current posts. They're just the beginning of funny.)

You all ROCK. I'm not sure my first post is up yet, but it will be soon. Just a little FYI, we've already quoted Ricky Bobby and we're only two weeks into race week!

Thanks y'all! (Gotta cheese up the southern accent for all the NASCAR fans!)
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03:05pm 15/11/2006
  Lately I have been going back and forth with what I want to do with my life. Sometimes I think I really want to continue with my career in media because it is all I have ever worked in and I am good at it, but it's so hard to get back in once you've left a job that I am getting very frustrated. Other times I realize I got my degree working with children for a reason and maybe I should be going back to school to get my teaching certificate or working in a preschool or in a group home. I just don't know anymore. I love media and getting back in to a media setting with the ability to work just about every day would make me ecstatic, but right now I just want a job. I want to get out of the apartment and into the real world. I know entirely too much about daytime television these days. ENTIRELY too much.  
09:53pm 08/11/2006
  I haven't posted an update in, oh I dunno, four months or something. Here is an update...

I'm still engaged. The wedding is in June. I am trying to plan wedding stuff while living 12 hours away. It might have been easier to have the wedding here.

Also, I moved to Tennessee to live with my fiance. I still don't have a job, but I have an interview Monday so we're keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn't work out or can't give me enough hours, I'm going to the mall and filling out applications for seasonal employment. There may be some journalism positions opened in January, so seasonal employment might be perfect in those cases. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, that's about it, other than my ability to cook has grown because I cook every damn night! If you need any good chili or spaghetti recipes just holla.

And for one of you.. I will end this post on this note...

Yo yo yo

~s out.
09:26pm 06/07/2006
  So, I'm getting married.

The end.
09:31am 13/03/2006
  Considered boycotting the NCAA tournament this year. I considered not filling out a single bracket, not watching a single game, and not cheering for a single team, but who are we kidding. It's me and it's basketball. Thus far, I've filled out one bracket. It's a day later, and I've had time to calm down a LITTLE bit toward the selections made in the bracket. That being said, there are still some considerable frustrations. Such as...

Missouri State.. I'm an alumnus and bias and all that, blah blah blah. They were the lowest ranked team with the best RPI not to make the tournament EVER. Where was the selection committee on this one. Did they forget about the name change? Myabe they saw Missouri State and thought Mizzou had gotten SO bad they had to add State to the end of their school. Then the NIT shafted them, too. They got a 2 seed. Should have been a one. Maryland, and I am a HUGE Maryland fan, did NOT deserve a 1 in the NIT. I don't even know if Maryland deserved to go to the NIT except for their strenght of schedule. SO, let's send their scheduling staff and not their team because those are the people deserving of post-season action. Ok, I'll be good now.

Cincy...Come on. Seton Hall over Cincy?? Who is the selection committee kidding?? Seton Hall better prove something HUGE to me in the tournament or I will find myself sorely disappointed in that decision. Glad to see Cincy got some recognition with the NIT. They should have one of those number 1's. They deserve it. If MO state bows out early, which I hope they don't. I will cheer for Cincy to win the NIT because again, Maryland does NOT deserve that number one.

Finally, Air Force. What has Air Force done? Nothing. They have zero wins against top 50 schools. They have no impressive wins on their resume. I see Air Force bowing out very early. They have no potential to make this an exciting tournament. Why give that spot to them when there were other deserving teams who earned it. This was my biggest disappointment with the selection committee. When asked about this decision, a very politically correct, BS answer was given. There was no argument made for Air Force. They were given no serious credit from the selection committee. This should be a cake walk for Illinois. Utah State is another team without an overly impressive resume. I just don't understand the selection committee this year.

On to the NIT....

The four number one's were messed up. I have a very good friend who was straight up with me that Louisville is rediculous this year and does not deserve a number one. I am confused why they and Maryland recieved number one's and a team like Mo State that did deserve a number one didn't get it. Oh right, they're big name conferences. I forgot. How could I have been so stupid...

Again, I considered boycotting this year, but it's basketball and I can't. Maybe I should just root for Duke and give up. Shhh... don't tell anyone I said that.
10:04am 14/02/2006
  I'm sitting here listening to Anna Nalick, thinking about how great my best friend is. She is absolutely a strong hold in my life. I should probably post this on livejournal so she actually reads it, too, but we'll see. I think I talked to her for a total of three hours last night. I don't even know how Emmye and I started hanging out because Emmye was virtually gone my entire first semester in SAI at what will affectionately now be known at MO State. I know the first time I talked to her it was to tell her to get another friend in check because she was totally out of control, but I don't know how it went from that conversation into the inseperable summer we had. That turned into the inseperable school year, that turned into the biggest fight ever and two best friends never speaking again. I, seriously felt like I had lost a part of me when she wasn't talking to me anymore. I think all those feelings came back this weekend because of stuff that happened last Friday. It was another one of those, when you're in, you're in situations, but if you're out, you're absolutely out and no one will even speak to you. She wouldn't even speak to me. I said some things to Em I shouldn't have, but something brought us back together after about six months of not speaking. Once again, we were virtually inseperable. We spent COUNTLESS hours in a sound studio in Strong Hall at all hours of the night laughing and eating very very bad for us food. I know that was a horrible sentence, but that's how Em and I usually end up talking when we've been in a studio until 2 in the morning, trying to finish a project that we'd had since the beginning of the semester! We spent so many hours just laughing at each other's non-rapper style. (Yo yo yo Em!) We spent even more hours getting yelled at by Wang because we weren't paying attention in Radio Production. When I graduated and moved away, she was the only resistence I found. She didn't want me to go. She was really upset when she thought I was moving to Dallas. She was upset that I moved three hours away because she's so busy she can't drive down here very often. (speaking of... YOU'VE NEVER BEEN DOWN HERE.. GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE EM) Now, she's moving to Vancouver, and I think I'm her resistence. I keep telling her she's not allowed. She keeps telling me to move with her, but I can't. I'm not allowed. It's too cold up there :). I think in life, you find a few very close friends that will be with you always and when Emmye is winning Emmys for her screenwriting, I'm gonna know the next day, I'm gonna be on the phone with her screaming and laughing and giggling just like old times. She's one of my few. I miss her so much. We have to start spending time together before she leaves for Van. because I will not be able to handle life without Emmye, since she will be spending 15 hours a day writing while she's at the former film school of Kevin Smith (gag me ;) ). She better learn to start writing something other than scripts...like emails! Man.. I'm more emotional about her leaving in 5 months than my sister who left yesterday. That's sad.. so sad.  
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09:19pm 13/02/2006
11:12am 02/10/2005

Remember the first time we met? We were at induction for a new pledge class and everyone was upset about Mindy. We bonded and decided to han gout that summer.

Remember how inseperable we were that summer. We did everything together. I remember movie nights, homemade lasagna, a trip to the lake, and being with you the first night that Jacob told me he loved me.

And then there was the horrible fight...the fight neither of us ever want to relive. We were so naive to what really mattered.

Finally, there were apologies and friendships again. We had classes together and spent lots of time together again.

There was halloween with the wine and Big Fish and eating all the candy:)

There was chicken and grapes night. That was a fun night.

There were COUNTLESS hours overnihgt in the studio. Yo Yo Yo buddy!

There were crushes that came and crushes that went.

There was the radio drama where I slept with two guys in the same hour!

Finally, there was a goodbye. I went away and you stayed. We didn't know it was giong to be goodbye for so long.

There were phone calls and crying and arrests and pain.

But through everything, there has always been one thing...us. There has always been two best friends who could laugh at any situation and warm up a room with only our smiles.

I miss ou Em.
11:59am 21/09/2005
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08:59am 15/09/2005

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05:44pm 22/08/2005
  Since Emmye wants me to...

While my sister and all of my friends are starting school again, I'm just gearing up for an exciting fall of work. This is strange for me. I do miss college even though I'm glad I'm done, but it's strange to think I'm forced to be an adult now. It's funny because all through college, everyone called me old because I worked so many hours that I normally ended up just going home and going to bed, but now, I really am old. I'm almost 23. I'm in the last relationship I'll ever be in and that in itself is one of those things. It's scary and exciting and wonderful and again scary all at the same time. I do love him and we're super cute together, but again... to think that its possible that at this time next year, I'll be married... well.. again.. exciting and scary. A year ago, I would have told you I was never getting married and to get over the sadness that was in some of your hearts because of that, but now, I know and I love it!

So this weekend was VERY exciting. Friday I didn't feel well, so Wes and I decided that it was best if he stayed home and I met him in Russellville on Saturday and brought his non-driving behind back to Conway. We went out to dinner and a movie Sat. night with Katy and Joseph and that in itself was a great time. After the movie, Joseph and Wes dropped Katy and I off at my apartment and he and wes went out for my "surprise"... (knew it was flowers a week ago, but he told me it wasn't, and then i found out i was right) and came home with two dozen roses for me. A dozen red roses and a dozen white with pink tips.... SO beautiful. So Katy and Joseph left so Wes and I could ff... and we ended up going to bed and both falling asleep. Sunday, we got up and had breakfast and Katy and Joseph called again and asked if we wanted to go to lunch, so we went to lunch with them, and then Wes and I went home and took a nap and got up and left Conway around 3 to go back to booneville. So I took him home and driving back I saw the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow because it was sunny and raining. It was GORGEOUS.... and that was my weekend. So anyway, everyone have a safe first weekend back at State (what I'm going to call MO State) because I know there will be super parties this weekend with the first week of school and the name change. I love you all!

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02:33pm 19/08/2005
  1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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02:52pm 18/08/2005
  First best friend: Angie and Jessica. I see them both every once in awhile, but we're not best freinds anymore.
First kiss: Embarrassing... first real kiss... Jon Forck... in college... how sad is that?
First screen name: giglbunni1... an old nickname
First funeral: Josh when I was in eighth grade... my aunt died when I was little, but we didn't go to her funeral
First album: Boyz 2 Men
First pets: Jupiter... my guinea pig
First piercing/tattoo: my ears when I was in fourth grade
My first tattoo: none.... unless temporary tatoos or tanning tattoos count
First big trip: Probably to Phoenix when I was like.... seven.
First time skiing/snowboarding: never
First concert: Alan Jackson at the MO State Fair!
First alcoholic drink: Margaritas at the fam. reunion when I was a sophomore in high school
First ticket violation: Parking tickets
First job: Learfield...
First date: if you count it, driving around with Larry Dixon my junior year of high school... he counted it, so i guess i should
First myspace friend: Teddy from Atlanta!

LASTS ------------->

Last car ride: in the Y107 van from Media day at the football field
Last time you cried: Sunday night, saying goodbye to Wesley
Last movie watched: Shark Tales with Wesley Sunday morning
Last food you ate: This salad from Wendy's
Last love: Wesley
Last temptation: Wesley
Last item bought: Lunch from Wendy's
Last annoyance: bad drivers
Last time wanting to die: like... never
Last shirt worn: A pink turtle neck.. imagine me wearing pink.. never!
Last alcoholic drink: A Margarita with Joseph and Katy
Last phone call: My father
Last date: umm... all Wes and I do are watch movies, but we have a date this Saturday!
Last job: Learfield was my last... y107(Arkansas) is my current
Last peircing/tattoo: umm.. my Cartilidge
Last big trip: New Orleans in June with Ally and Matt.... wooohooooo for Ear Sex
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11:22am 17/08/2005
  So I have two good friends taht I met in college that I will stay in touch with forever and ever and ever.. well.. more than that.. but two good female friends... One I met my freshman year at CMC, and one my sophomore year at SMS. Emmye knows shes' loved (zach.. you are too, but i'm talkin about chicks). My other best friend is Allison. Now, Ally and I have some fun memories. We went to CMC together and were both there a week early for choir and my first night there, she watched me being carried in to the dorm because i was TRASHED. She also helped me out in my drunken broken ankle state. I went searching for her after she dissapeared the first night because she was off doin teh dirty wtih some guy from high school... I introduced her to the future father of her children, who she hates! We have a ton fo memories. This summer, we decided since we hadn't seen each other in over ayear, we were going to visit our freind matt, who neither of us had seen in a long time in New Orleans.. that was an AMAZING trip. Ally and I went 2 years without seeing each other and now we've gone 3 months and we're both goin crazy. So the toher day we were talkin gand she mentioned this guy she was seeing.. .his name was Matt. I was like.. that's cool ally.. Then she said his last name and I 'bout fell out of my chair. The guy that she randomly met at a bar in Columbia is a guy that I grew up with. We went to Elementary school together, and then I moved and then a couple of years later, he moved over to our schools. The kid is HOTT.... and I have many a diary written in my parents house with the words "I heart Matt Hanson" written in it because I had such a crush on him when I was lil. It was fabulous. We've talked a couple of times for like an hour or so each time. I can't wait to go home and see everyone. Beleive me, the hat will be going with me so I don't miss Wes too much because I'll have his smell with me, but I can't wait to go party wtih everyone!  
12:19pm 15/08/2005
  Ok... let's see.. what's been going on in my life... hmm.. I wasn't going to post this publicly, but I think now is the right time. I've met someone. His name is Wes. Ironically we met a couple of weeks ago through some mutual friends online, but never really put our relationship on the internet... he was bold enough to call me and we talked for like 23 hours the first weekend we talked. The next weekend we hung out and it was great. He's AMAZING.... I really do love him, and I never thought I could fall in love like that. I can't resist him. So yah.. that's been going on for about 2 weeks now.. it's been good...

On a second note... I have 50 weeks to lose 100 pounds. I'm gonna do it too, because in 50 weeks it will be the one year anniversary of when Wes and I met. It could also be the day I get married if he keeps me around that long. I don't think that will be a problem because he tells me he loves me all the time and he treats me like it even more. Anyway, so that means strict diet and lots of working out. But I will look FAB. when I get done:)

Umm.. a third note... I totally had a dream about Emmye this morning. I dreamt that i got a couple of phone calls when I was driving home and I was listening to one of them and it was from Wes telling me he missed me and the other one was from Emmye, but I didn't know it was from Emmye. It was her telling me she never wanted to be my friend again because of something I said about another friend of mine whom Emmye doesjn't even know in real life. So anyway, I didn't know the message was from her because the name cut out and I stopped by her house when I was passing through Springfield and we were talking and her brother pulled up and the song that was in teh background of the voicemail came through and then I realized it was her who had said it and she was apologizing and saying she didn't hate me or anything like that, but I still felt weird and I can't beleive I had a dream about my best friend hating me! It was horrible! Especially since she's probably the person I'm going to ask to be my maid of honor in the aforementioned wedding that doesn't exist yet!

Anyway, I miss you all... all of you.. I really do miss you. I've just been busy! And those of you in Springtown... I don't know what I'm going to do without you guys this year. I don't know how I'm going to make it through halloween without Emmye and my watching Big Fish adn drinking White Zin.... it's a sin me not being in Springfield, but I'll come make visits soon! Love you all lots!

04:21pm 11/08/2005
  Is anyone else terribly upset that I'm not coming back to school this fall because I graduated?!? I don't think anyone but Emmye and I are upset about this. That's even more sad.  
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03:14pm 29/07/2005
  I'm not gonna post anymore if ya'll aren't gonna comment... I hope everyone has big plans for the weekned. I do... relax and play tetris on Nintendo NES! Go old school nintendo:). Then, I'm gonna cuddle up with a big pillow nad blanket and watch center stage and dream about falling in love. If i get can my dvd player to work, I may go rent some movies to dream about falling in love to! I'm gonna cook chicken enchiladas (my secret recipe..its AMAZING). Make an amaretto cheesecake.. and use mr. happy... ok.. maybe not on the last one, but the rest.. I'm TOTALLY there! Emmye, congrats on being done with Rolla and call me sometime if you want. You know everything I"ll be doing all weekend because you just read it! Strike that.. I'll be doing laundry too.. IN MY OWN WASHER AND DRYER.. OH YAH.. ITS MY BIRTHDAY.. ok.. i'm a loser.. that's enough.

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12:03pm 28/07/2005
  Seriously... she just said to me "i'm 55 and you're 22, there's an experience level in there" I think she thinks I got this job with zero experience. I really do... I have eight fucking years of experience. That bitch only has like 14, so dont' tell me that she has SOO much more experience than me. Her experience was at a podunk moronic station that let their people fart on air... at least I worked for a network that had 22 national division 1 collegiate sports teams associated with it! I hate morons.  
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10:58am 28/07/2005
  So this morning was eventful. I tripped a breaker somewhere in the middle of the night, and I didn't wake up this morning until 10. Thus, I have my hair pulled in a clip and it's still damp, but I look damn cute. Black capris which are falling off of me because of my work out weight loss... and a cute black and white tank top and ADORABLE black shoes:). That's enough of that crap. Anyway... so yesterday.. we had a VERY eventful day. Our GM is leaving. Which means that we've lost our programming/on-air person (other than me) and our GM. We have a new GM. Apparently, he's awesome, so here's to hoping! I had a fabulous dream last night too. I was walking around my apartment with just an oversized shirt on and it was the weekend, which isn't unusual..because unless I have freinds visiting, Sat. is my laundry day and I think its cute when I walk around in just panties and an oversized t-shirt. I was cooking breakfast and I felt arms around my waist. I felt him kissing on my neck and holding me really tight... I turned around and kissed him and then I woke up. HOw much does THAT suck?  
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12:18am 27/07/2005
  I went out tonight with some freinds. We went to the VFW and sang Karaoke. It was a good time, and I danced with one guy the whole night. No one else showed attentionto me... Ironically.. I was only thinking about one person most of the night. I am def. starting to feel myself fall. I just hope I dont' fall too hard... at least... not so hard I hit the floor. I'd be really sad if that happened, cause he is v. sweet. I need someone like him in my life. He gave up on me tonight, and went to bed, but I understand, cause its 12:20 am.... and I don't blame him. I woulda given up on me too.... but not him... He has made my mood the last two days rise about 1 million percent. He reads this.. I know he does.. but it doesn't matter, because I told him all that last night. I did miss my nightly talk though. It was unfortunate, but I think I needed some "making a fool out of myself singin Karaoke" time with the girls. Anyway... miss ya'll (there's my new southern girl comin out:))

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